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Victory 44

Scotch Egg Plate at Victory 44
I lived in North Minneapolis for 4 years and never knew about Victory 44. Maybe it's new or maybe I was too scared to venture out. Regardless, I've recently experienced this cool little place and I must say the experience was a surprise.

For that neighborhood the cuisine is shockingly cosmopolitan. My friend and I sat on the patio –  which is cuter than the inside and according to our waiter, dog-friendly – and sipped our cold, adult beverages while said waiter explained their chalkboard menu (including how to say "charcuterie").

Since their plates are all small and we wanted so many items, we ended up ordering quite the parade of wonderful food. To accompany my waiter-advertised white wine and my friend's cocktail, we dined upon the following:

Charcuterie at Victory 44: Their Meat & Cheese Tray
  1. Bacon fries (these were tasty, big french fries with crumbled cheese; we didn't notice any bacon)
  2. Scotch egg - absolutely to DIE for if you like scotch eggs!
  3. Charcuterie - their "meat and cheese tray" which is actually a lovely concoction of head cheese, liverwurst, paté and pickled veggies and overall yumminess.
  4. Seared scallops - extremely tasty. 
  5. Dessert - a 2-part, delectable, sinful, utterly fantastic display of art which we also ate. FABULOUS.

We did spend a nice little sum of coin –  although they're small plates the prices add up when you eat as many of them as we did – the quality of the food was definitely worth the price. 

I'm thinking I'd love to head back sometime and try more menu items (and also the'd be silly not to) and maybe I'll even bring the dog!

Dessert Tray at Victory 44