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Matthew Howd: Graphic Designer

An erstwhile co-worker and also a creative director (and all-around good guy), Matt Howd offers high-level freelance graphic design services. Just from looking at a few of the client samples on his website, you get an instant feel for his style of designing logos, collateral and identities which artistically describe each client.

While not historically a web designer, he did create his own site! Not bad for a beginner, Matt, not bad at all. Who knows, maybe he can design your next site...or, if you need:
  • to brand or re-brand your company,
  • a new logo (or a re-design of the old one),
  • trade show collateral,
  • direct mailers,
  • catalog design (and photographic direction),
  • sell sheets,
  • product packaging designs,
  • or any other type of graphic design work -

contact Howd Creative.