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Ana Cabán is Kicking my @$$!

Before Christmas, I was in Target and bought myself a mat and a Pilates DVD - Pilates Core Challenge with Ana Cabán - in the hopes of getting myself back in shape by starting with my core.

I finally unfurled the mat and popped the DVD in this past Tuesday. The workout took ~40 minutes, and no less than 3 times I had to pause the dang thing in order to rest! At first I thought it was going to be a bunch of sit-ups and stretching.

Whew. This woman is SERIOUS about Pilates - and she's just sitting there serenely on the tape, looking like she's not even working and I'm on the other end of the TV, sweating, cursing and muttering under my breath, "Are you KIDDING me, lady?"

I've done the workout twice now, and the 2nd time I still had to pause it - but only twice! - and when I do it again today, maybe it'll be a bit easier goal is to be back in shape by Mexico (beginning of April). Meaning, no IT band problems or having a sore back from just standing/walking for more than an hour.

And, Ana, you're going to get me there...let's just hope I have the fortitude - and time - to keep with the program!