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Google "Related to" Searches Can Leave Me Feeling Dead Inside

I'm a search marketer. Well, according to my boss-slash-husband, I'm a Digital Strategist. But whatever.

So today I'm doing PPC keyword research for a client. This particular client happens to be a women's wellness clinic, and the keywords were OB-GYN focused. Part of the research I do, I perform in Google AdWords' Keyword Planner Tool (which I don't like very much. I much prefer the old one). Another part of my research involves heading over to The Google and typing in some of the stuff I've found on the see what Google is auto-suggesting for me.

ALSO on The Google, I take a look at the bottom of the page where the "searches related to..." section resides. There's some good stuff down there -- I mean, if The Google is suggesting it, odds are people are clicking on it (even though these recommendations are at the BOTTOM of the SERP. Yes, there IS life below the fold).


So I'm doing "OB GYN" type searches and this is what I'm seeing for auto-suggest and related searches:

No biggie. Pretty standard.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand then I type in "find a gynecologist." And things the "related to" section:

I mean, I trust The Google (most of the time). But, when they throw in something SO far off base that it can't even see the baseline, makes me pause for a second. I mean, ONLY a second -- not like I'd go use Bing or anything!

I've been trying to find ANY other "related to" searches that're rotten eggs, and I'm having a hard time.

Has anyone else ever run across something THIS far outta line for Google "related to" searches???