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Here's The Deal These Days

I've been a bag blogger. Which is not to say I haven't been communicating or throwing random thoughts/fotos out onto The Interwebz...I mean, I'm posting. Just not here. Kinda hard to take the time to sit down – or, in my case, stand – and think out an entire blog post AND write it AND make sure I didn't make any dumb spelling errors, etc. It's all just so...time-consuming. Also, let's be honest: the only people who read this blog already know what's going on in my life, anyway. Amirite?

I'm what I like to refer to as a Gen-Betweener – I kinda fall into the gray No Man's Land designating the end of Gen X and beginning of Gen Y...check out this chick's research on it – so I didn't grow up in the era of every-damn-kid's-got-a-cell-phone and definitely was not used to "Googling it" during high school (or college, for that matter...sheesh, I started using The Google in 2000, with only 2 years left of higher learning).

That being said, I'm now very used to the fast-paced online world – no time, no time, gotta move on to the next thing; if you haven't said what you're gonna say (and said it NOW) in 140 characters or less, it's already old news and all that. Which is why my blogging (though never regular) has taken a back seat these days.

These days.

What does that even mean? The days of this week? This calendar year? All the days from this moment back to when I graduated college, bought my own house, got a tattoo? Who knows. Irregardless*, here are some random things I've been contemplating "these days."

  1. Re-learning how to walk. That's right. I've not only been contemplating this; I've been attempting to do it. I was recently told by one of my sports doctors the likely culprit for my chronic low-back/hip problems is that I'm built in such a way that I'm constantly fighting to maintain proper posture. Enter the pelvic tilt. As in, I need to CONSTANTLY do it. Properly. Also, I need to engage my glutes (both max & med) – properly. It's extremely difficult learning how to stand/walk/move correctly after 30-odd years of doing it INCORRECTLY.
  2. The Gummy Money Guy. If you've seen his hilarious Vine, you know EXACTLY why I can't. Get. It. Outta. My. Head. "Yo my name is Nicholas" co-worker posed a FANTASTIC question this morning: "Think I can get that in a ring tone?" Turns out that, yes, you can.
  3. Loss of the Google Keyword Tool. Sigh. Yes, sadly, we in the search marketing business are mourning the loss of a great tool that's been replaced by a tool we basically loathe. Which makes us cranky.
  4. Twerking. Yup, I've been contemplating twerking. Not DOING it, mind you (though if I could, you could be sure I would), just...wondering. I mean, it seems to have such a broad definition. Originally I thought it meant this specific move. But after reading about all the hooplah Miley Cyrus has drummed up from "twerking" and stunning everyone at the VMAs, I'm not so sure. Did she actually twerk on stage? Coulda sworn you had to have a big-girl butt to do it, but evidently not...
  5. Hooves. That's right. I've done a LOT of thinking/research and talking about my horse's hooves lately. See, for the past month it's been so dry here in Minnesota, so I can't blame him entirely for his chipped nails :) Moving forward, however, he's getting Farriers' Formula supplements and a few times a week I've been giving him pedicures. Not really. I just slather his feet with Farriers Fix hoof oil.
Well, that's about it. Those of you who've read 'til the end (which isn't here yet) are probably thinking, "well no wonder why she doesn't blog – is this all there is going on in her life?" My answer to you is simple: "These days, yes."

*I realize this isn't a word. My husband and I find it funny to use it. And then we have to remember NOT to use it in real life. Like, in front of clients and stuff.