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Up at Mom & Dad's

When I was younger, I couldn't WAIT to leave "the country" and GO somewhere...anywhere, as long as it wasn't out in the middle of nowhere (and, as long as my parents weren't there, frankly).

Now I'm pushing 30 (still wearing jeans) and can't WAIT to head up North to Mom & Dad's as often as I can. My, how things change - it's amazing how city life can transform a person.

So, here I sit, in the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of the house where I grew up, and there's already a small part of me that's dreading tomorrow when we have to leave...

(These pictures aren't from this weekend, but I finally got the images loaded from when Clint and I were here in mid-January for Mom's belated "Christmas" party.)

Since I don't have time to monkey around with the code and making sure my picture captions correspond, I'll explain. (Sophia wants me to watch "Happy Feet" with her, so I'm on deadline :)

The first shot is of the house with the sunset reflected in the windows. I grew up in this house (well, from the time I was 13, anyway). The next shot (to the right) is Clint playing fetch with all 3 dogs (Zada, Tesa & Hogan) on the lake. Next (left) is Zada waiting patiently - albeit intensely - for Clint to throw the stick. The last is Clint tossing snow for the dogs (Tesa & Hogan). My dog hasn't quite figured out WHY we jump repeatedly, biting at snow that flies through the air.

Well, time to head upstairs for the movie...